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Archive for the ‘DV Visa Lottery’ Category

I Am Out of Status and I Want to Submit DV Lottery Entry

Posted on: Saturday, October 22nd, 2011  In: DV Visa Lottery  |  Comments Off

I am often asked the question whether someone who is out of status can submit a DV lottery entry. I think the real question should be if someone wins will they be able to actually obtain the green card? Well that depends. If someone is out of status they are generally not able to apply for a green card through adjustment of status from within the United States. There are a few exceptions but DV lottery is not one of them. However, certain people who had petitions filed on their behalf or on their family’s behalf prior to certain dates, the latest of which was April 30, 2001, may be able to apply for the green card even if they are currently out of status. Of course there are other eligibility criteria which they must meet such as any criminal convictions, prior deportation orders, any misrepresentation or fraud in procuring a visa in the past, so it is definitely a good idea to consult an immigration counsel prior to applying for any immigration benefit. Therefore, if someone is currently out of status and they have never had a petition filed on their behalf, even if they win in the DV lottery they will most likely be unable to obtain a green card or to even apply for one. They should, then, carefully weigh the potential risks of submitting their personal information into the Department of State database when the chances of actually getting something in return are slim.

Poland Eligible for DV Lottery Starting on October 4, 2011

Posted on: Tuesday, September 20th, 2011  In: DV Visa Lottery  |  Comments Off

New instructions were recently released by the Department of State regarding Diversity Visa Lottery and citizens of Poland are once again eligible to apply. The DV lottery program allocates 50,000 green cards per year to people who are selected and who meet certain eligibility criteria. To be eligible, a person must have a high school diploma (equivalent to 12 years of education) OR 2 years of experience within the last 5 years in an occupation that requires at least 2 years of experience. A list of eligible occupations can be found on the Department of Labor’s O*Net website. This year the only acceptable method of applying for the DV lottery will be through the internet and no paper entries will be accepted. The deadline for applying runs from October 4, 2011 through November 5, 2011. When a person correctly completes an entry electronically and uploads all required photographs, the computer screen will show the name and confirmation number which should be printed and saved. Winning entries will NOT be notified in the mail or through e-mail. Instead, beginning on May 1, 2012 people will be able to enter their confirmation number on the same website to check whether they have won the DV lottery. Instructions are very specific so please consult the Department of State website for more information.