Fiancé Visa

Nowadays many people meet on the Internet on the various social sites and they often live in different states and maybe even different countries. After they meet face to face and fall in love, the issue arises of how to bring the foreign national national to the United States as fast as possible. If they get engaged and plan to marry soon, one available option to them is the fiancee visa. That type of visa allows the foreign national to enter the Unites States for the specific purpose of marrying the US citizen fiancee within 90 days of entry. The process of applying for a fiancé visa begins with the US citizen filing a petition from within the Unites States asking the US Citizenship and Immigration Service to validate the relationship. In order to do this, the US citizen must demonstrate that he os she has a bona fide real relationship with his foreign born fiancé and that they have physically met during the last two years. The usual evidence presented are copies of e-mails, phone calls logs, pictures, and traditional letters and cards. Copies of plane tickets evidencing travel of the US citizen to the foreign country to visit his fiancé are also very helpful. Once the Immigration Service approves the fiancé petition, the file is transferred to the National Visa Center, which then requires the filing of additional forms and application such as the affidavit of support to establish that the US citizen has sufficient income to support his fiancé and future wife. Tax returns, pay stubs, and possibly bank statements mat be necessary to prove this. The foreign national must also submit evidence that she had not been convicted of any serious crimes, and that she has no prior immigration violations. She must also have a special medical exam done to ensure she has no communicable diseases or other issues, such as addictions, that would render her inadmissible. After the NVC completes processing of the fiancé application it forwards the complete file to the appropriate consulate where an interview is scheduled for the foreign national. The consul reviews all of the evidence presented and makes a final determination whether a visa should be issued. After a fiancee visa is issued, the foreign national travels to the United States where she obtains an entry stamp at the border and is admitted for a period of 90 days. During that time, she must marry her American fiancé. Once the marriage takes place, the couple files more paperwork to apply for an adjustment of status (green card) for the foreign national. If the marriage does not take place, the foreign national must depart the United States. She cannot change her visa category to any other visa category and she cannot apply for a green card based on any other petition, whether employment or family based even if she marries another US citizen. If the original relationship falls apart and marriage never takes place but the foreign national does meet another US citizen it is very important to quickly consult and immigration lawyer to understand the available options and not violate the law in a way which would make future sponsorships difficult or impossible. To summarize the fiancé visa petition is usually a faster option of bringing a girlfriend or boyfriend whom we plan to marry soon to the Unites States than an immigrant visa. Because there are very specific rules that must be followed and every situation is different, it is always best to seek competent legal advice before proceeding with a fiancé visa.

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